Made with Xara Web Designer Website Design by Susan Smily Hemi-Sync offers a variety of brainwave and audio guidance CD methods that help you experience peak brain performance and expanded awareness. Shop with confidence and safety. We have secure on-line shopping available through PayPal! Click on any of the categories below to view product information, or follow the links in the Experiences and Benefits section. Human Plus® Titles Human Plus® titles contain verbal guidance and cues to allow you to re-create the effect whenever you choose. Mind Food® Titles Mind Food® titles contain Hemi-Sync® with verbal guidance and/or subtle sound effects, providing the experience of benefit while you listen. Metamusic® Titles Metamusic® titles contain music and Hemi-Sync® without words. LightSOURCE Titles LightSOURCE Arts with Hemi-Sync® products are visual aids (software and/or DVDs) containing sacred geometry and other sacred symbols combined with Hemi-Sync® Metamusic soundtracks. Heart-Sync® Titles Heart Expanding and Mind Awakening CDs Gateway Experience CDs Gateway Experience® is an in-home training series. For more than 30 years this life-enhancing program has helped thousands explore higher states of consciousness. Albums Heart-Sync® titles feature heart-centered meditations with verbal guidance. CD Albums Album Series are titles that include multiple CDs in a series designed for specific applications. Books Hemi-Sync® related books. HOME UNDERSTANDING HEMI-SYNC® About: Hemi-Sync® About: Brainwave Images About: Binaural Beat About: Hemi-Sync® and You About: The Benefits of Hemi-Sync® Altered States of Consciousness Audio-Guidance Technology The Human Plus® Program THE BENEFITS OF HEMI-SYNC® PRODUCTS Shop with Confidence and Safety Human Plus® Titles Mind Food® Titles Metamusic® Titles Heart-Sync® Titles LightSource Titles Gateway Experience CD Albums  Books PROGRAMS Workshops About the Leaders FAQs [Home] [Understanding Hemi-Sync®] [Products] [Programs] [Benefits] [FAQ] [Contact Us] HEMI-SYNC® PRODUCTS and PROGRAMS