Made with Xara Web Designer Website Design by Susan Smily [Home] [Understanding Hemi-Sync®] [Products] [Programs] [Benefits] [FAQ] [Contact Us] HEMI-SYNC® PRODUCTS and PROGRAMS Benefits and Applications The Benefits of Hemi-Sync® for Common Issues Accelerated Learning Addictions ADHD & ADD Allergies Altzheimer's Anger Anxiety Asthma Autism Behavior Modification Blood Pressure Brain Injury Breathing Cancer Support Children Circulation Difficulties Classroom Creativity Cystic Fibrosis Death & Dying Dental Pain Depression Energy Expanded Awareness Enhanced Well-Being Fibromyalgia Financial Success Fitness & Sports Focused Attention Frustration Headaches Hearing or Vision Difficulties Heart Immune System Learning & Memory Learning Disabilities Massage & Body Work Meditation Multiple Sclerosis Pain Management Personal Growth Positive Immunity Positively Ageless Pregancy/Childbirth Problem Solving Profound Relaxation Self-Confidence Sensory Improvement Shamanic Programs Sleep Enhancement Spiritual Growth Stress Management Stroke Recovery Surgical Support Therapy Weight Control Hemi-Sync products are brain stimulating CDs that offer alternative therapies for a wide range of common issues. Select CD titles recommended for different applications. Some titles will appear in more than one list due to Hemi-Sync’s extraordinary versatility, which gives certain titles more than one application. We encourage you to be creative in your choices. (While many Hemi-Sync products contribute to wellness, they are not intended to replace medical diagnosis and treatment.)