About: The H-Plus® Program - 1 A System of Planned Self-Evolution It has long been known that the potential of human consciousness has been limited only by what has been referred to as the belief system. It also has been known among certain facets of human thought throughout history that such belief system can be altered or modified by various means - usually without conscious awareness on the part of the affected individual. Aside from general inculcation within any cultural context, there always have been and are those who deliberately induce such changes for specific purposes. These applications have been given various labels that include depth motivation, religious practices, sorcery, magic, royalty, propaganda, hypnosis, advertising, oratory, music, psycho-analysis, cultist, rituals, brain-washing, charisma, nationalism, racism, behavior modification - to name a few. The results include spontaneous remission during illness, the placebo effect, miracles, levels-of genius, and fire- walking along with the mundane and commonplace. Human Plus® or "H-PLUS" is designed to place such ability to make any changes in an individual belief system directly in the hands of the recipient. Moreover, it will provide that individual with incontrovertible albeit personal evidence of the reality of such changes. Thus it can no longer be identified as a belief system but as a KNOW SYSTEM unique to that individual - totally self-actuated.    [MORE...] [Home] [Understanding Hemi-Sync®] [Products] [Programs] [Benefits] [FAQ] [Contact Us] HEMI-SYNC® PRODUCTS and PROGRAMS HOME UNDERSTANDING HEMI-SYNC® About: Hemi-Sync® About: Brainwave Images About: Binaural Beat About: Hemi-Sync® and You About: The Benefits of Hemi-Sync® Altered States of Consciousness Audio-Guidance Technology The Human Plus® Program THE BENEFITS OF HEMI-SYNC® PRODUCTS Shop with Confidence and Safety Human Plus® Titles Mind Food® Titles Metamusic® Titles Heart-Sync Titles LightSource Titles Gateway Experience CD Albums  Books PROGRAMS Workshops About the Leaders FAQs Made with Xara Web Designer Website Design by Susan Smily