Hemi-Sync® is a state-of-the-art audio technology that enables us to mobilize and direct the power of our mind. Developed and refined by The Monroe Institute during 40 years of research, awarded U.S. government patents, and internationally recognized in the field of brain/mind investigation, this remarkable technology has benefited hundreds of thousands of people. Hemi-Sync® is based on the natural functioning of the brain. Our brains produce different patterns of electrical activity (brain waves) when we are in different states of consciousness. For example, Alpha brain waves predominate when we daydream, and Delta when we sleep. Very simply, Hemi-Sync® encourages your brain to produce the brainwave activity necessary for what you want to accomplish. Therefore, a Hemi-Sync® relaxation tape encourages the brain to produce brain waves that are naturally characteristic of a relaxed state; when you want an especially sharp focus of attention for peak performance, a concentration tape helps your brain achieve this goal. More about Hemi-Sync® at The Monroe Institute website. [Home] [Understanding Hemi-Sync®] [Products] [Programs] [Benefits] [FAQ] [Contact Us] HEMI-SYNC® PRODUCTS and PROGRAMS HOME UNDERSTANDING HEMI-SYNC® About: Hemi-Sync® About: Brainwave Images About: Binaural Beat About: Hemi-Sync® and You About: The Benefits of Hemi-Sync® Altered States of Consciousness Audio-Guidance Technology The Human Plus® Program THE BENEFITS OF HEMI-SYNC® PRODUCTS Shop with Confidence and Safety Human Plus® Titles Mind Food® Titles Metamusic® Titles Heart-Sync Titles LightSource Titles Gateway Experience CD Albums  Books PROGRAMS Workshops About the Leaders FAQs About: Hemi-Sync ® Made with Xara Web Designer Website Design by Susan Smily